Squitieri & Fearon, LLP is investigating lithium-ion batteries of electric bikes (“E-bikes”) for overheating and catching on fire while charging.


Thousands of E-bikes were recalled after several people were burned when the lithium-ion battery overheated, caught on fire, exploded, or shot out sparks. These E-bikes are ideal for bicycles because they are high-powered, lightweight, come in a small size, and recharge quickly. There is one big disadvantage, though — the risk of fires and explosions when the batteries overheat.


Many people who ride e-bikes charge the battery inside their home, apartment, or garage. Sometimes groups of delivery workers all charge their e-bike batteries together. If these batteries catch on fire, the consequences could be deadly if the fire spreads to the building.


A growing number of lawsuits have been filed by people who were injured by lithium-ion battery fires and explosion in a variety of consumer products. These products include hoverboards, vapes, phones, laptops, and more. The lawsuits accuse manufacturers of selling defective batteries that are prone to dangerous explosions.


If you or somebody you know has been injured or burned by an E-bike battery fire or explosion, you may be eligible to pursue a claim for damages.  Please complete the following form, and someone from the firm will contact you, or you can contact Stephen J. Fearon, Jr. by e-mail at stephen@sfclasslaw.com or by phone at (212) 421-6492. 


    Any information that you submit will be maintained as confidential. If Squitieri & Fearon, LLP, in its sole discretion, believes that you might be an appropriate lead plaintiff candidate, Squitieri & Fearon, LLP will contact you to discuss the matter and whether to establish an attorney client relationship.