Nissan Exploding Sunroofs Investigation

Squitieri & Fearon, LLP is investigating claims by people who owned or leased a Nissan that had a sunroof or moon roof unexpectedly shatter. Drivers have reported that the sunroofs in their Nissan vehicles have shattered or exploded under normal driving conditions and sometimes when parked.  There have been hundreds of complaints online and to government agencies about exploding sunroofs.  Consumers who bought or leased the cars paid too much because of this defect and often have incurred out-of-pocket costs to repair the defective sunroofs. The defective models include:

Nissan Rogue (since 2008)

Nissan Maxima (since 2008)

Nissan Murano (since 2009)

Nissan Juke (since 2011)

Squitieri & Fearon, LLP has significant experience prosecuting class actions on behalf of consumers.

If you wish to discuss your rights in connection with the this investigation please contact Stephen J. Fearon, Jr. by e-mail at or by phone at (212) 421-6492. You can also complete the following form, and someone from the firm will contact you.


Nissan Exploding Sunroofs Investigation

    Any information that you submit will be maintained as confidential. If Squitieri & Fearon, LLP, in its sole discretion, believes that you might be an appropriate lead plaintiff candidate, Squitieri & Fearon, LLP will contact you to discuss the matter and whether to establish an attorney client relationship.