Yorkville Advisors LLC Fraud Class Action Investigation

Squitieri & Fearon, LLP is investigating claims for investors of Yorkville Advisors LLC.  The firm is pursuing allegations that Yorkville Advisors LLC, founder and president Mark Angelo, and chief financial officer Edward Schinik enticed pension funds and other investors to invest in their hedge funds by falsely portraying Yorkville as a firm that managed a highly-collateralized investment portfolio and employed a robust valuation procedure.  They misrepresented the safety and liquidity of the investments made by the hedge funds, and charged excessive fees to the funds based on the fraudulently inflated values of the investments

According to the complaint filed by the SEC, Yorkville, Angelo, and Schinik defrauded investors in the YA Global Investments (U.S.) LP and YA Offshore Global Investments Ltd hedge funds.  The SEC alleges that Yorkville and the two executives failed to adhere to Yorkville’s stated valuation policies; ignored negative information about certain investments by the funds; withheld adverse information about fund investments from Yorkville’s auditor, which enabled Yorkville to carry some of its largest investments at inflated values; and misled investors about the liquidity of the funds, collateral underlying the investments, and Yorkville’s use of a third-party valuation firm.

If you suffered losses as a result of the activities described above, please contact Lee Squitieri by e-mail at lee@sfclasslaw.com or by phone at (212) 421-6492.  You can also complete the following form, and someone from the firm will contact you.


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