Squitieri & Fearon, LLP is pursuing claims for customers who bought or leased certain Porsche models equipped with a Porsche Connect system that used 3G technology.

A class action lawsuit was filed on July 17, 2023 alleging Porsche sold and leased vehicles with permanent Porsche Connect systems that no longer function and are useless, including in emergency situations.

The Porsche vehicles are equipped with telematic control units connected to the engine control modules which connect the vehicles to the internet. Now that wireless providers have shut down their 3G networks, millions of Porsches are losing their ability to connect with first responders after a crash. Some Porsches also use the 3G connectivity for remote unlocking, remote start, emergency roadside assistance, navigation map updates, and vehicle diagnostics, all of which will no longer work on cars that use the 4G or 5G networks.

Porsche never told customers that the 3G-only Porsche Connect system would not operate once 3G was phased out or that the Porsche Connect feature was only temporary or had only a limited life. This problem exists in Porsche cars sold in the United States between 2014 and 2019, including the following models: 911, 718, Panamera, Cayenne, Macan, and Taycan.

The following Porsche vehicles have been affected by the 3G sunset which left owners without internet-enabled services such as emergency roadside assistance:

• 2017-2019 Porsche 911
• 2015-2019 Porsche Cayenne
• 2017-2018 Porsche Macan
• 2017-2021 Porsche 718
• 2014-2018 Porsche Panamera
• 2014 Porsche 918 Spyder

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