Practice Areas

Our firm handles class actions and individual cases throughout the country. We have recovered tens of millions of dollars for our clients in all types of cases. Many of our cases are brought as class actions, meaning that we pursue the lawsuit on behalf of hundreds or thousands of people who have been damaged by similar conduct. Other cases are brought for individuals in state and federal courts across the United States.

Antitrust Litigation: We represent consumers and businesses who have been injured by the anti-competitive behavior of their suppliers, purchasers, competitors or business associates. Such anti-competitive conduct includes price fixing, bid-rigging, price discrimination and attempted monopolization that challenges the free-market system and causes harm to both business owners and consumers alike. Report an Antitrust Complaint.

Retirement Benefits Class Actions: In one type of class action that we often handle, we represent employees who have lost some or all of their retirement savings by investing in their employer’s stock through a company-sponsored retirement plan. Because of our experience and success handling these types of complex cases, courts have appointed us to lead many nation- wide class actions, including cases on behalf of participants in retirement plans such as 401(k)s, ESOPs, and Stock Purchase Plans. Report an ERISA Complaint.

Consumer Fraud Litigation: We often represent consumers who have been deceived or defrauded when they bought a product, responded to an advertisement, or took out a loan. Sometimes the cases involve the seller making false representations or failing to disclose important information to consumers before the sale. Other cases involve wireless phone companies improperly charging their customers for services that they did not order or banks improperly assessing fees or charges on borrowers, often without properly disclosing the charges. Report a Consumer Fraud Complaint.

Dangerous and Defective Products:
We have recovered millions of dollars for our clients who have been hurt by defective products. We successfully represented clients who were injured when they received defective hip implants, which had a coating of oil on them, preventing the implant from properly bonding with the bone and often requiring additional surgery to replace the defective implant. We sued the manufacturer and recovered millions of dollars for our clients. We also have successfully represented people who had strokes after ingesting a dangerous cough medicine that caused strokes and a diabetes medication that caused liver injury. Because of our experience handling these types of complicated cases, the courts overseeing hundreds of those cases have appointed us to leadership roles. For example, our firm was appointed by the court as liaison counsel for plaintiffs in the consolidated mass tort pharmaceutical cases of In Re: New York Phenylpropanolamine (PPA) Products Liability Litigation, Master Index No. 761,000/03 (Supreme Court, New York County) and In Re: New York Rezulin Products Liability Litigation, Master Index Number 752,000/00 (Supreme Court, New York County). Report a Dangerous Products Complaint.

Merger and Takeover Cases: We have successfully represented shareholders who challenge as unfair proposed merger transactions or takeover offers that would deprive them of the fair value of their stock. After a coercive or unfair transaction is announced or threatened, we will sue on behalf of our shareholder clients to stop the proposed transaction or alter its terms so that it is fair to our clients. We typically bring these cases in state court but sometimes we file them in federal courts throughout the United States. Report an M&A Complaint.

Securities/Stock Fraud Actions: We represent shareholders in lawsuits seeking to recover the losses they incurred by investing in a public company’s securities. Usually those cases arise because of some sort of fraud at the company that causes the securities to trade at artificially inflated prices. Once the problems at the company are revealed, the price of the securities often plummets, leaving the investor with significant losses. We usually bring the cases under the federal securities laws seeking to recover our clients’ losses. Sometimes we bring the cases as class actions on behalf of all investors who similarly lost money by investing in the artificially inflated stock but sometimes we bring the lawsuit just on behalf of an individual investor or fund, not as a class action. We have successfully pursued claims for hedge funds or institutional investors against public companies that have misled the investors before the investor committed to the investment or during the actual investment. Our clients are located throughout the United States and we usually pursue the cases in federal courts or state courts across the country. Report a Securities Case.

Wage and Hour Litigation: We represent employees against their employers who have committed wage and hour violations. An employer can violate wage and hour laws in many ways including by not paying an employee overtime or minimum wage, by failing to pay an employee for all time worked, by making unlawful deductions to employees pay, by misclassifying an employee’s rank or position, or by time shaving. We typically bring these cases as collective or class actions and seek to recover on behalf of all employees who have opted into the case or who were similarly wronged by an employer. Report a Wage and Hour Complaint.