Securities and Corporate Governance Class Actions

Squitieri & Fearon, LLP represents shareholders in lawsuits seeking to recover the losses they incurred by investing in a public company’s securities. Usually those cases arise because of some sort of fraud at the company causes the securities to trade at artificially inflated prices. Once the problems at the company are revealed, the price of the securities often plummets, leaving the investor with significant losses. We usually bring the cases under the federal securities laws seeking to recover our clients’ losses. Sometimes we bring the cases as class actions on behalf of all investors who similarly lost money by investing in the artificially inflated stock but sometimes we bring the lawsuit just on behalf of an individual investor or fund, not as a class action. We have successfully pursued claims for hedge funds or institutional investors against public companies that have misled the investors before the investor committed to the investment or during the actual investment. Our clients are located throughout the United States and we usually pursue the cases in federal courts or state courts across the country.

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