Protective Life Insurance Company

Protective Life Insurance Cost/Premium Increase Investigation

Squitieri & Fearon, LLP is investigating possible claims for a class action against Protective Life for imposing excessive cost-of-insurance charges on its universal life policies.  We are investigating whether Protective Life is charging more than it should for the cost of insurance or deducting from the cash value of the policies more than it is entitled to deduct, causing the cash value to decrease and sometimes causing the policies to lapse or to be cancelled because the costs have become too expensive.

This has happened mostly with the Company’s universal life policies.

If you or someone you know has a universal life policy with Protective Life and would like to learn more about our investigation, please fill out our online form, or contact Stephen J. Fearon, Jr. at or by phone at (212) 421-6492.


Protective Life Insurance Company Investigation

    Any information that you submit will be maintained as confidential. If Squitieri & Fearon, LLP, in its sole discretion, believes that you might be an appropriate lead plaintiff candidate, Squitieri & Fearon, LLP will contact you to discuss the matter and whether to establish an attorney client relationship.