Astoria Federal Savings Bank Overdraft Investigation

We are investigating claims against Astoria Federal Savings Bank for manipulating the way that it processes transactions in order to maximize overdraft fees.   Countless banks have turned the assessment of overdraft fees into a major profit center, collecting billions of dollars annually by imposing overdraft fees, often when the fees are unjustified.  Our investigation has determined that many banks reorder transactions in order to impose multiple overdraft fees. In many instances, these overdraft fees cost account holders hundreds of dollars in a matter of days, or even hours, when they may be overdrawn by only a few dollars.  Even more egregious, customer accounts may not actually be overdrawn at the time the overdraft fees are charged, or at the time of the debit transaction.

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Instant Cup of Soup Scalding Products Liability Investigation

We are investigating a potential class action against certain instant soup and instant noodle companies for faulty cup designs. A 2006 study identifies certain flaws in soup cup designs by a number of manufacturers. These design flaws may be partially responsible for high spill rates and the scalding of children and adults. Have you or your child been burned or scalded as a result of an instant cup of soup tip over? If so, click here to report your case.

Omnicare, Inc. Retirement Plan Investigation

We are investigating a potential ERISA case for participants in the Omnicare, Inc. Savings and Investment Plan that invested in Omnicare, Inc. Stock (NYSE: OCR) or units in the plan. [Read more...]

Supreme Court Reverses Class Certification in Wal-Mart Discrimination Case

The Supreme Court has reversed class certification in the huge Wal-Mart discrimination case.  Here is a copy of the decision.

There is no doubt that this is the most important decision from the Supreme Court about class certification in some time and that defendants’ counsel will use it to argue against class certification in many current and future cases.  [Read more...]

Tennessee Federal Court Certifies Class in First Horizon ERISA Action

The Western District of Tennessee recently certified the First Horizon ERISA case as a class action on behalf of participants in the First Horizon Corporation Savings Plan.  The decision is important because in it the court rejects many of the arguments that defendants typically make in this type of ERISA case when opposing class certification. [Read more...]

S&F Files Class Action Lawsuit Against CVS on Behalf of Store Managers for Overtime

S&F represents Franco Taibi who filed a class action lawsuit against CVS, and other entity defendants, for overtime violations in its stores throughout New York State.  The suit, which was filed in New York federal court, alleges that the drug store chain has engaged in a pattern and practice of denying overtime to its store managers by improperly categorizing them as exempt from the overtime requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act and New York State Labor Laws. Specifically, Plaintiff’s complaint alleges that store managers are not truly “salaried” employees because CVS has a policy and practice of deducting their wages for partial and full day absences.  Click here to view the Complaint. To provide information or to receive further information about this case please contact or

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